Third Sector & Corporate Social Responsibility


Thrive Trafford is working with partners across Greater Manchester to provide support and development opportunities to Voluntary, Community, and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations and communities in Trafford.

Thrive Trafford’s aim is to support Trafford Council and the Trafford Partnership to deliver their vision for a ‘thriving third sector’.

Thrive offers businesses volunteering opportunities with a local focus tailored to meet the needs of local businesses CSR strategies. Thrive brokers the links between the Trafford Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector with local businesses through a number of opportunities, to support both the VCSE sector and business sector to help add value and achieve Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Value objectives. Corporate Social Responsible volunteering opportunities available for local businesses to get involved with include: signing up to become a member of the Thrive Trafford Pro Bono Bank; which is a pool of responsible professionals and business leaders with varied skills, knowledge and experience in areas such as Marketing, Business Strategy & Development, HR, IT, and Social & Digital Media. The bank creates a network of responsible business professionals who work and live in Trafford, who can share their expertise with the VCSE sector and each other. Other opportunities for businesses to get involved include employee community volunteering team days, which can be tailored to meet the needs of your business and CSR aims; and one-to-one business mentoring volunteering roles.

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Contact: For more information about business volunteering opportunities please contact Caroline Lewis, on 0330 123 9766 or email

Business in the Community

  • Business-led charity focused on promoting responsible business practice.
  • Member companies have access to a range of programmes and services to help them integrate responsible business practice, including: advisory services; training opportunities; benchmarking; awards and recognition.

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Trafford Housing Trust

Trafford Housing Trust Social Investment Service seeks to eliminate poverty.

THT have four priorities:  

  • Boosting household incomes and reducing costs
  • Improving education standards and increasing skills
  • Creating long term economic growth for everyone
  • Strengthening families and communities

If your work, projects, plans or ideas for the future have potential to do one of these four things then THT are interested in seeing if can offer help. 

THT offer financial and non-financial investment to you and your organisation that will enable you to make this difference.   

Financial Support
  • Micro grants of up to £500. - To help your informal group or new   organisation to start making a difference locally.   
  • Small grants from £500 to £2000. - To help your community-based organisation make a local impact
  • Medium grants from £2000- £10 000. - To help your established organisation do some solution-focussed work meeting a well-evidenced need. 
  • Larger grants/ repayable finance of £10 000 and more. - To help your growing   organisation to develop sustainable work with potential to prevent poverty.
Non-Financial Support
  • Coaching for success. - Focussed conversations in a one-to-one or group setting will help you set a goal for yourself or your organisation and work out the practical steps to get you there. 
  • Income Generation. - Whether you are interested in gaining charitable grants, finding paying customers, or accessing public sector commissioning, we can help you find the right mix to achieve sustainability.  
  • Business support. - Our private sector partners include some of the region’s largest employers, and leaders in fields from marketing to commercial law. We will link you in to   access their volunteers, their resource, and their professional expertise.
  •  Connecting. - Our networks expand across public, private, voluntary and community sectors, and to local regional and national levels. We can introduce you to the partners who will best help your organisation to increase its impact.

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